Tracking Card Set Up

Get started

How to activate card.

Utilize the Tracking Card to locate your lost items such as your wallet or bag. With this Tracking Card, you can access various features via the Apple Find My network.

1. Power On

Press and hold the power button until you hear a sound and see the activation light illuminate.

2. Find My App

In the Find My app, go to 'Items' and then select 'Add Other Item'.

3. Connect

After locating the tracker, simply tap on the 'Connect' button.

4. Name & Customize

Choose a name and emoji for the card. Then, tap 'Continue' and agree to proceed.

5. Link to Apple ID

After connecting the tracker card, tap 'Agree' to link it to your Apple ID.

6. Finished

After completing the setup, you'll have access to the following features with your tracking card.

  • Directions in Maps
  • Play Sounds
  • Lost Mode
  • Share Your Item